Former Hells Angels Sonoma president Raymond “Ray Ray” Foakes makes new bid for freedom

Hell's Angels Marin County Poker Run and BBQ

SONOMA — In a bid to keep a former Hells Angels chapter president incarcerated while he awaits trial in a racketeering case, federal prosecutors have revealed new allegations about the November 2016 beating he’s charged with committing, alleging that the victim was assaulted for hours, pistol-whipped, forcibly tattooed, and nearly murdered.

Raymond “Ray Ray” Foakes — a prominent Hells Angels member and onetime Sonoma chapter president known for setting off the infamous River Run Riot — has made a new bid for freedom, arguing through his attorneys that he’s willing to be placed on house arrest in Oakley in lieu of imprisonment at the Santa Rita Jail. His attorneys have also argued it’s unfair to keep Foakes locked up when he’s not scheduled to go to trial for at least a year.

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