Washington State: The Bandidos MC rides into Salvation Army with truckload of donations in tow

The Bandidos Motorcycle Club in Spokane began a new holiday tradition Saturday as it unloaded hundreds of dollars in food, blankets, hygiene products and toys from a trailer and onto pallets for the Salvation Army.

“A lot of us belong to groups and we’re constantly wondering how can I or my group impact a community,” Salvation Army Maj. Ken Perine said. “It helps the group with their cohesiveness and it also helps people who they’ll never meet but who will be forever thankful.”

Bandidos club members said collecting donations for the Salvation Army was a spur-of-the-moment idea that grew into an organized effort.

As they unloaded the donations, a few men wore sequin Santa hats with their red and gold leather or denim jackets.

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