Sturgis City Council decided not to cancel Sturgis 2020 rally. For a while.

Sturgis 2020

STURGIS, S.D. (B-N.C) — In a Monday night, city council members decided to go ahead with the 80th annual event with only one vote against this decision.

Probably rally will continue with some changes in program and in dates, as city officials said that rally need to be scaled down focusing on visitors and residents health safety.

Dan Ainslie, the Sturgis City Manager said:

“There’s not going to be a lot of the public activities that there usually are so including the opening ceremonies, the B1 flyover, different contests and activities and parades and things that we usually do during the Rally we would not be doing that because that really does encourage and if you see any of the photographs there tends to be thousands of people lined on the Main Street. We’re trying to avoid that.”

Dan Ainslie, the Sturgis City Manager

The public health measures are planned to be minimal – public hands sanitising stations and washing and disinfecting the city streets every night.

However this decision can be not the last, because we still have more than seven weeks till rally starts, and the mayor has the right to make necessary adjustments up to and including the cancellation of the Rally entirely.

Eric Silbermann for

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