Former Bandidos Motorcycle Club member Malcolm Patrick Vaughan charged with wearing club colours

Patrick Vaughan, 43

Erratic driving and the wrong choice in tracksuit pants has led to a fine for this Logan man, whose history with an outlaw bikie club was revealed in court today.

A FORMER member of a motorcycle club who was pulled over for driving erratically in Logan emerged furious and agitated from his car, wearing tracksuit pants emblazoned with a club logo and with a weapon in his car door.

Bethania resident Malcolm Patrick Vaughan, 43, was charged with wearing a prohibited item – tracksuit pants emblazoned with a ‘BMC Australia’ logo, short for Bandidos Motorcycle Club – and possessing a Category M weapon, a pair of knuckledusters, after the row with police, which occurred at about 12.45pm on March 10 this year at Beenleigh.

The court heard that on the day in question, a police vehicle witnessed a silver Mercedes driving in an “erratic and intimidating” manner on George St.

They engaged Vaughan on Kent St, who pulled over and emerged from his car in a state of high agitation.

When police questioned him about the tracksuit paints, he admitted he knew it was an offence to wear them, but that he was going to the gym and simply forgot they were on.

Defence lawyer Dave Garratt told the court there was no allegation Vaughan engaged in road rage, simply that he was expressing “frustration” with police.

The court heard Vaughan had a similar recent confrontation with police on the Gold Coast when he was “having his club tattoos removed” and “overreacted” to police inquiries, leading to similar charges to those faced today.

Mr Garratt told the court his client had “gotten out of the lifestyle” bikie gangs following an “accident” in Melbourne in July 2017 which left Vaughan suffering PTSD.

“He’s cut all ties to the (Bandidos) motorcycle club.”

Mr Garratt said his client had an “interesting” backstory and was a senior credit analyst at National Australia Bank for many years which has “fallen by the wayside” since his involvement with motorcycle club and PTSD diagnosis.

Vaughan was fined $600. No convictions were recorded.

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Source: Courier Mail